An application for managing personal data

SoftArchitect Client


4P Research Mix

Product group

Product group

Dedicated system

Project deadline

Project deadline

4 weeks


Prepare an online application for:

  • collection
  • control

of personal data of all coworkers.

After consultation, we and the client determined that the key assumptions were:

  • the application’s functionality,
  • the possibility for future expansion, and,
  • the security of the data processed in the system (GDPR regulations).
Case study

The company 4P Research Mix submitted a very detailed specification of the expected application at the inquiry stage, which allowed us to design and prepare it within four weeks. We provided a fully dedicated solution along with the application source codes.

Pracownik SoftArchitect

Kamil Jaśkiewicz

Software Architect

Our activities

  1. data mining workshops with the client regarding the expectations of the software
  2. designing the appearance of the application and the database outline
  3. programming the application to run on any device equipped with a browser that supports HTML5
  4. preparing the project documentation and source codes for transfer
  5. installing on the client’s server.


We worked with SoftArchitect to design applications for managing the personal data of our coworkers.We decided to choose SoftArchitect due to the short deadline, their knowledge of the industry, and the creativity of their proposed solutions.

During the implementation of the project, we could count on professional consulting and substantive support. An additional advantage was the patience and quick response to changes reported during the project.

The company’s professional approach, knowledge of the industry, and understanding of our needs mean that we also intend to cooperate with SoftArchitect in the future on the implementation of other IT projects which will improve our work.

Katarzyna Filipowicz

Director of the Implementation Department

4P Research Mix Sp. z o.o.

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