Browser for the results of “Mystery Shopper”-type tests (banking industry)

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Kantar Polska

Product group

Product group

OnFly results browser

Project deadline

Project deadline

2 weeks


Design and develop a browser for the results of a repeated “Mystery Shopper”-type test (banking industry).

Browser functionalities:

  1. the ability to load results from the survey system together with information on the scoring of answers
  2. four levels of browser access for dozens of users
  3. TOP and BOTTOM rankings and attendance tables displayed on a dashboard
  4. browsing detailed results of each audit
  5. the ability to download recordings for auditing
  6. a module for handling complaints, including an option for importing responses to the complaints.

The browser was to be maintained for twelve months on our servers.

Case study

The creation of a results browser for the “Mystery Shopper”-type test posed many challenges, in which time was an important factor. Thanks to efficient communication with Kantar, we were able to obtain a fully functional and easily expandable product in less than two weeks. The long-term cooperation with Kantar resulted in many additional application extensions that meet the needs of the end-user of the study.

SoftArchitect employee

Witold Ilczak

Data Management Specialist

Our activities

  1. designing the appearance of the application and the database outline
  2. developing the results browser to run on any device equipped with an internet browser that supports HTML5
  3. uploading test results to a browser with recordings
  4. programming support for a period of 12 months
  5. maintaining the application on our servers for 12 months.


This project involved creating a results browser for a “Mystery Shopper” study. The key aspect was the ability to extensively personalize the tool. There are different results browsers on the market, but they are often not fully customizable. The browser provided by SoftArchitect gave us all the functionalities we needed, which was the main criterion for choosing this company to implement the project. When there was a need to add new functionality, it was no problem for them.

I consider our work with SoftArchitect to be very successful. The employees of this company are always helpful and respond quickly to clients’ requests.The product and service they offered met my expectations, so we continue to work with them.

Krzysztof Szpila

Senior Client Executive

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