Internet panel for the customers of a chain store

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Kantar Polska

Product group

Product group

Internet community

Project deadline

Project deadline

10 weeks


Design and comprehensively develop an online panel for customers of a chain of stores across Poland. Migrate data from an existing database. Prepare scripts for system surveys (registration) and research surveys (continuous, ad hoc).

System compoenents:

  1. Object-relational database
  2. Website of the online panel
  3. Registration survey
  4. Panelist profile
  5. System for managing the online panel
  6. Research surveys
Case study

The design of a dedicated online panel was a substantial logistical challenge for us. Within three months, we were able to design and develop the system and losslessly migrate data from the existing database. The key element in terms of the project’s success in the time provided was very good cooperation with Kantar and the end customer.

Pracownik SoftArchitect

Kamil Jaśkiewicz

Software Architect

Our activities

  1. data mining workshops with the client and their sales network
  2. system design
  3. preparation of the data migration process from the existing database
  4. preparation of survey scripts
  5. design and development of the website
  6. reparing a panelist profile, i.e., an individual space for each panel participant
  7. panel management system software with modules for automatic sampling
  8. programming support for a period of twelve months.


In 2018, we received a very interesting inquiry from the owner of a sales network.

The client intended to create and hand over to Kantar a panel of several thousand of its customers – people who shop in this chain of stores and at the same time have completed satisfaction and preference surveys regarding the store’s products.

Previously, our client had already had a similar panel, but now the goal was to enlarge the research panel using a more modern, dedicated platform for communicating with respondents. Our task was to migrate panelists from the client’s previous platform to a new tool and to start research in a new way. In addition, the client expected the research panel to grow, and Kantar’s task was to activate the people participating in these studies.

When coming up with a possible vendor for such a solution, we thought of SoftArchitect.

We had worked with this company before, and the specialists who implemented projects for us combined two unique features – programming knowledge, including tools for database management and communicating with large communities and knowledge of market research and public opinion research. A supplier with such experience understands the business needs of a company such as Kantar much better. What also prevailed when choosing SoftArchitect was the fact that the solutions they provided were tailor-made and had always fully met our needs.

The biggest challenge during the implementation of this project was the needs of the client, which were not entirely clear and not precisely defined. In the course of the project, the client changed the scope of tasks and defined new expectations. Here, however, we received substantive and professional support from SoftArchitect.

Involving SoftArchitect programmers in conversations with the client proved to be crucial for the success of this project. The drawback of the project was the short deadlines, especially taking into account the changing expectations of the client. It seemed that implementing the platform to operate this panel should have taken longer than three months.

Ultimately, however, the project was successful – I’m convinced that it was money was well-invested. The provider fully met our expectations regarding the functionality of this solution and offered favorable financial conditions.

Currently, the project has been successfully implemented for the second year and we have very positive feedback from our client, who even wants to expand the project to measure new store categories. This means that we will continue to work with SoftArchitect.

Wojciech Hołdakowski

CATI&CAWI Research Director

Kantar Polska S.A.

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