Quota-random sample for a CATI/CAPI survey

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Project deadline

Project deadline

3 weeks


Develop a database of companies from the tourism, construction, IT, finance, insurance, and training industries based on a customer database, credit bureau, and available registries (REGON, SIO RIS, and KRS).

Prepare a quota-random sample for the study (N = 10,000).

Prepare software to support the process of implementation of the multimodal survey (CATI/CAPI).

Case study

The sector inquiry for the company Realizacja was a special challenge, due to the complexity of the sample and its implementation in the field. The requirement of a high response rate placed a special emphasis on meticulously preparing the survey frame (verifying the existence of companies and contact details and the comprehensive nature of these databases).The complexity of the research process necessitated the use of additional IT solutions to improve communication at the database level between the CATI studio and field units. The timely preparation of all IT tools improved the start and conduct of field activities and the completion of the study.

SoftArchitect employee

Mateusz Kopacz

Data Management Consultant

Our activities

  1. development of a database of companies from the tourism, construction, IT, finance, insurance, and training industries based on a customer database, credit bureau, and available registries (REGON, SIO RIS, and KRS)
  2. verification of the database’s quality and deduplication and standardization of the database in terms of the eligibility criteria for the study
  3. preparation of the population structure of companies and quota-random samples for CATI/CAPI research (N = approx. 10,000)
  4. programming tools for automatic management of reserve records in the sample and synchronization of appointments in companies between the CATI system and the CAPI interviewers’ application.


We faced the task of implementing a very extensive and complex B2B project for a public institution, in which we needed both programming assistance, sample preparation, a sample management program (records recruited in CATI and F2F studio), and scripts related to the samples – all updated in real-time with hundreds of logistical changes throughout the day. The most important thing was to find a supplier who could perform a number of complicated operations and, as a result, optimally and flawlessly automate the IT and programming processes that would give us smooth implementation in the field. At the same time, we were looking for someone who would be familiar with the market research industry and would be able to substantively support us during the whole process, someone who would understand the research language and translate it almost simultaneously into the programming language. We needed someone experienced and reliable, who would provide us with the tools by the scheduled time. We chose SoftArchitect. After the first meeting, we already knew that we wanted to work with them and that we had found exactly what we were looking for, including people with vast knowledge and a willingness to take on common challenges.

We decided to choose SoftArchitect mainly because we were provided with constant, ongoing service and a very quick response to our needs, which were constantly changing during the implementation of the study. In addition to the immediate execution of the job, we could count on comprehensive programming and research consulting. Together, we discussed the strengths and weaknesses of emerging solutions and we chose the best ideas together.Finally, after analyzing SoftArchitect’s proposal, it turned out that they had proposed the most sensible solutions, with the shortest delivery time and at a good price.

This project was a huge challenge in general. Each operation – in the process of preparation, implementation (data collection), internal work related to changes in the sample, automatic replacement of records, continuous recruitment of companies for the study (through both CATI and F2F), setting out tasks for interviewers for each day, automatically sending reports on the progress of work and reminders about the incomplete registry of contacts – worked coherently and without problems, one resulting from the other (encumbered by hundreds or thousands of conditions); such a “machine” was created for us by the people from SoftArchitect. It was a gigantic undertaking, a mutual new experience, and many lessons were learned, but there was also a lot of satisfaction and pride that we did it together.

The team from SoftArchitect made a huge impression on us; they were our help desk, a partner and an advisor. 100% commitment. Perfect cooperation continues to this day, each time with the same effect – we do wonders together.

Marta Laskowska

Project Management Director

Realizacja Sp. z o.o.

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