FlyBlog for local cultural managers with the diary survey script

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Product group


Project deadline

Project deadline

2 weeks


Provide the FlyBlog platform and software for a diary panel (seven days) with an interactive map (Google Maps) for marking the locations of respondents during a given day.

We conducted training for the moderators of the platform and provided technical support during the project.

At the end of the project, we visualized the quantitative results on an interactive map (Google Maps).

Case study

In this project, we integrated a diary survey script with a qualitative research platform.The survey results appear on the platform in the form of entries, which allows them to be discussed on an ongoing basis.

SA employee

Aleksandra Fedorowicz

Software Developer

Our activities

  1. providing the FlyBlog platform for qualitative discussions with cultural managers
  2. training of moderators
  3. preparing a diary survey script integrated with the platform
  4. technical and substantive support during the project
  5. visualization of diary survey script results on the map.


This order concerned the organization of a platform/blog for local cultural managers. We wanted to create a space where they could present themselves, their lifestyle, achievements, and involvement in the life of the community. The platform helped us collect interesting insights, inspirational photos, and videos.

The platform seemed to us a friendly space for local cultural managers, intuitive and visually attractive. Also, the available options – such as adding audio/video materials, marking locations on a map, and combining questionnaire (quantitative) techniques with qualitative and textual statements – were some things we were looking in our project. The opportunity to observe the progress of the project on the platform by various stakeholders was an additional asset.

The team we worked with turned out to be very flexible and responsive: they quickly responded to our needs and changes. In addition, prior to starting the survey, the platform was adapted to our specific needs and expectations.

The platform met our expectations, was affordable, and allowed us to collect complete and interesting data. Our external client also appreciated the results of the study and emphasized the value of the data collected through the platform and the positive impact it would have on the organization’s future activities.

Helena Orzechowska

Research Project Manager

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