OnFly survey system for the City Council in Wałbrzych

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Umbrella Consulting

Product group

Product group

OnFly platform

Project deadline

Project deadline

August-December 2018


Design and develop the OnFly survey system for the Municipal Council in Wałbrzych, and develop two research tools (two questionnaires), install the solution on the Council’s server, and train the end-users.

The order was carried out within the scope of the project “Local government of the highest quality – from administration to co-management,” co-financed by the European Union under the European Social Fund.

Case study

Thanks to Marcin Walczak from Umbrella Consulting, we were able to understand the ins and outs of the local authorities’ operations and find our way in this unfamiliar environment. We developed and implemented the OnFly system for conducting independent surveys so that the Council could gather the opinions of residents in a reliable and professional manner.

Pracownik SoftArchitect

Rafał Sobczak


Our activities

  1. methodological and technical consultations with the end client (Municipal Council of Wałbrzych
  2. development of two research tools (survey questionnaires)
  3. design and preparation of software for conducting independent surveys of city residents
  4. software installation on the Municipal Council’s server
  5. training of the system’s users
  6. technical and substantive supervision for six months after implementation.


The system implementation project was comprehensive and consisted of developing project documentation, preparing the implementation concept, preparing the software, conducting tests, and installing the system on the server of the Municipal Council. We can recommend SoftArchitect as a professional vendor.

Marcin Walczak

Project manager

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